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Pulaski Pure Water
The Official Website of Pulaski County (Missouri) Sewer District No. 1


OFFICE & FIELD Support Team
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Pulaski County Sewer District No. 1 supports a team work attitude and environment. Our team is made up of the Board of Trustees, Management, Consultants, and Office and Field Support Staff. Our Team works hard to provide the friendliest customer service to our community while achieving high standards of protection and sustainability to our environment.  [ OFFICE support teamFIELD support team ]


Director of Finance & Administration

The Director of Finance & Administration is ultimately responsible for the creation, implementation and enforcement of policy and procedures for all staff. The Finance & Administration Director also serves as primary support for the Board of Trustees, the District Engineer and the attorney that takes care of the Districtís legal business. Those duties also include being responsible for all financial transactions, audit requirements, ordinance and resolution processing and enforcement, employee reviews, budget, financial reporting and staff training, all the while maintaining vendor and community involvement, managing personnel policies and benefits, project accounting analysis. The Director of Finance & Administration's duties include maintaining and balancing assets and liabilities, customer needs and all other supporting requirements and needs.

Utility Billing

Our friendly Office Team brings an array of experiences that ensure the unique needs of our customerís are all handled with attention and care. The office staff is responsible for all administrative duties including: billing, collections, payment processing, finance, accounting, personnel, and is also responsible for maintaining all District records.

Utility billing clerks handle all consumer related events. They answer questions that any customer may wish to ask and are enjoined to make further inquiries should they not immediately be able to answer any question. That includes the answering of phone calls, directing those calls where necessary and acting as a major contributor in the support of the Districtís field staff. Billing clerks also take applications for new service and handle customers who are moving out of the area for whatever reason. They also handle the billing cycles and collections and adjustments that need be made. Most generally they will be the first people consumers meet when they contact the district office.


This department is responsible for all financial bookkeeping. That includes daily deposit reconciliation, assisting in budget preparation, processing payroll and employee benefits, processing purchase orders and accounts payable, maintaining inventory and supplying daily support for any and all other accounting and personnel duties.

Public Works

The responsibilities of the public works employees are to assist the field staff in whatever manner needed. The public works staff handles all contractor billing needs, including verification of insurance and connection requirements. They also handle all work order processing and reporting, maintenance log reports, the scheduling of site inspections and fee handling for that work.

Administrative Assistant

The administrative assistant is just that, an assistant to the Director of Finance & Administration. As such the AA is responsible for the ordering of supplies, advising and assisting the Utility and Public Works staff, supervisors, management and members of the Sewer Board with all their miscellaneous needs.


The Field Support Team members have over 50 years combined wastewater experience; every field staff team member possesses a Wastewater Operators license. The license are through Missouri Department of Natural Resources; currently the District staff includes three members with A level Wastewater Operators license, four with B level, and one with C level. Their primary responsibility is in protecting the public health and welfare.   The field staff duties include: maintenance, construction, testing, treatment, servicing, operating, and repairing the wastewater treatment facilities and infrastructure.

jacks 291jacks 265Maintenance & Repair

We have 445 Step systems in our district, once a year we want to come out and service these, cleaning the filters and pumps, measuring the sludge to see if the tank needs to be pumped, this is a very big and time consuming job for us, but the step tanks are pumped to recirculating sand filters, and the cleaner we keep our step tanks the longer the sand filters will last. We will come by and leave a note telling our customers when we will try to be in their area, we will then bring in our crew and do our maintenance, cleaning the filters and pumps checking sludge and looking for broke or leaking pipes, and looking at our tanks and lids making sure that they are not letting outside water sources into our tanks, after we are done we will leave a customer survey and a list of doís and doníts, the doís and doníts is information to our customers about what you can put in our tanks, and what shouldnít go into our tanks.


We are very excited with the construction at PCSD #1, and have many projects that we plan to do ourselves, we plan to add more residents to our district with new extensions, and also we have plans to replace some of our older existing infrastructure with new lines. Our construction crew also is working with our camera crew looking for issues with our 63 miles of gravity sewer lines; we look for broken pipes, debris in the lines, root invasions, anything we can fix to keep our lines clear and flowing.

Treatment Plant Operations/Lab

The district operates and maintains four wastewater treatment facilities from lagoons, extended aeration, and recirculating sand filters. Our operators are licensed by the Department of Natural Resources. Our lab technicians do more than ten lab test in our laboratory on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to ensure compliance with our operating permits.

Lift Stations

We have 101 Lift Stations in our district, with our pumps ranging from 2 horsepower to 50 horsepower, our district has many challenges when it comes to pumps, we have some of the steepest terrain in the state, which reflects in the size of our lift station pumps. We clean these stations at least once a year to keep grit and rocks from getting into our pump impellors, we also service the pumps once a year with oil changes, and checking wear rings and seals, we also do a weekly check of all our stations checking the run time of the pumps, seeing if we need to make any changes or adjustment.

Pulaski County Sewer District #1
531 Old Route 66, Suite A   [ map ]
Saint Robert, Missouri (USA)  65584
Phone:  1.573.336.5880  ~   Fax:  1.573.336.8548  ~   Email:  contact@pcsd1.com

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